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In January 2009...

We're shipping our pair of 1940's Norton 500 motorbikes to Buenos Aires in Argentina and setting off on an eight week adventure retracing the trip made by Ernesto (Che) Guevara and his mate Alberto Granado in 1952 and which was later featured in the movie The Motorcycle Diaries.

We've managed to find two Norton Model 18 bikes, exactly like the one used by Che and Alberto. Whereas their bike only made it as far as Santiago in Chile (about one third of the trip), we're hoping to make it the whole of the way on our bikes. I didn't expect to have too much trouble finding a bike but hadn't realised that these were produced for only a year or so either side of WWII so there really aren't many around. Finding Osama Bin Laden might have been easier but we got there in the end!

We'll be trying to stay faithful to the route that Che & Alberto followed and seeing what's changed since 1952. Both Che and Alberto had their diaries of the trip published so there's quite as lot of information available.

It was the poverty, hunger, suffering and injustice that Che saw on this journey which made him decide that the route out of the oppression of the Latin American people would have to be by armed struggle. Hence the name of our adventure - Revolution Road.

The route takes us from Argentina to Venezuela via Chile, Peru and Colombia.

We'll be travelling alone, camping, sleeping outdoors and also staying with locals here and there, particularly in the larger cities.

Unlike a couple of more famous motorbike travellers, we'll have no backup, no support crew, no 'fixers' at border crossings, no back-office team in London co-ordinating stuff etc. It's just the two of us, using our wits, our charm - and Pete's spanners :)

We'll be documenting the trip using two hi-definition video cameras plus helmet cameras and digital SLRs. We'll both be keeping a diary whilst on the road so when we get back, look out for the book and DVD :)






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